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Currently based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, I work as a DESIGN AND MARKETING CONSULTANT.
Not too long ago, I picked up a camera and began learning the art of PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO EDITING.
Following my childhood passion, I am an AMATEUR MMA & JIU JITSU COMPETITOR training out of Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu.
Back in the day, I use to DJ and I still do occasionally.

I enjoy experiencing culture through food and beverages, so I plan to TRAVEL and consume life as such one country at a time…


About Carl Araneta

Hi, my name is Carl Araneta. Thank you for visiting my site!

Born and raised in Southern California, I was living the typical life of a working professional.  I graduated with a bachelors degree in Economics with a minor in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.  Upon graduation, I entered the working world and moved up the ranks from Administrative Assistant to Executive Director, managing annual marketing campaigns.  While I was building my career, I also decided to attain a Masters of Business Administration from California State University, Long Beach.

Then somewhere along the line, upon facing the dirty thirties, I began questioning my direction.  I felt like life was good, but perhaps I wasn’t ready to settle.  Maybe there were a few more things I wanted to cross off my list before deciding to just work until retirement.

Three years ago, I decided to make a change, leave that life and embark on an adventure.  And an adventure is what I got.  Since then, I’ve spent two and a half months in Asia.  I trained Muay Thai in Thailand, practiced Jiu Jitsu in Brazil, visited Argentina, Uruguay and a few other destinations.  I’ve also fought amateur MMA in front of 14,000 fans, DJ’d at multiple events, picked up photography and videography.  I’ve become a teacher at UNLV and built a whole new career in Design and Marketing.  Aside from all of this, I’ve made new friends, found love and reconnected with family.  It’s a path less traveled, but one that’s been very worthwhile.

So here I am, still on this journey, trying my best to document my experiences on this blog.

Some of the topics I cover include:

  • Design and Marketing
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Martial Arts and Fitness
  • Music

Again, thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me anytime or connect with me on my social media accounts (listed in the top, right-hand corner)!

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