Ten Braves

Creative direction behind this athletic lifestyle brand and online shop. An alternative to well-known brands like Affliction and Tapout, Ten Braves tries to carve the path for style and taste in the Jiu Jitsu and MMA community. Much like skateboarding has created its own culture through the past decades, the Jiu Jitsu and MMA lifestyle is a niche group that is still in the beginning stage of establishing its own identity. Corporate giants are beginning to enter the market, meanwhile dozens of pop-up brands are experimenting.

Ten Braves, inspired by ninjas, martial artsĀ and street culture. Logo and branding development features black and white colors, a simple, yet iconic logo with bold typography.


Pictured: logo, branding, illustration, photography and product design.

Not pictured: copywriting, video, environmental graphic design, website design, social media and online advertisements.