Music For The Soul

Music for me has been a journey of the soul, constantly growing and evolving. As a child, music influences came from my parents and their taste in classic 80’s hits and what we now consider oldies but goodies.  I also had two older sisters that started me off with great 80’s and 90’s hip-hop, rap and alternative music.  As a four year old, I was obsessed with Michael Jackson.  At the age of five, I memorized my first rap lyrics from the group known as Run DMC.  Though I had a strong taste towards hip-hop and rap culture, I was always well-rounded in genres, enjoying R&B, alternative, classic rock, and reggae.

In high school, I picked up my first DJ set and began spinning anywhere possible–house parties, cultural events, high school dances, Boys and Girls Club, etc.  In college, I eventually became a co-host and resident DJ for the Usual Suspects radio show on KUCI 88.9FM. I also was involved in DJ-ing at and organizing many events in Orange County and Los Angeles, including nightclubs, mini concerts (featuring Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, Ugly Duckling and many others), and various Hip-Hop competitions.  In addition, I toured with an up and coming rapper at many venues in California and shared the stage with the likes of Knocturnal, Sly Boogie, and Planet Asia.

Fresh Off the Beats

Years later, I spent more time on my career and have become more of a fan than an industry person.  Still music is a constant drive in my life, still ever evolving.  Like life, my extensive taste in music is more mature than ever.  Fresh Off the Beats is one of the most recent projects in which I have become involved.  Primarily a hip-hop based website blogging about and sharing music with its readers, Fresh Off the Beats is slowly demonstrating more of its eccentric taste in various genres.  While I may offer some posts on this website, you can find a glimpse of my musical journey there at


To continue expanding my knowledge of music and its genres, to share old and new finds with those that are interested, to produce a few creative projects for the soul.