The Process

Below is the general process for how I approach new projects.

The Design Brief

This is the initial step to set the tone for the rest of the project. If given the opportunity, it can take place in the form of an in-person meeting or Q&A session to discuss the project. Otherwise, a survey or series of communication to discover the requirements and specs.

Important elements include:

  • Identify the problem.
  • Scope
  • Objectives
  • Target Market
  • Deadlines



Depending on the project, this research phase can include brainstorming session, collecting inspirational pieces and/or relevant case studies. All of the research will be used to formulate the idea.

  • Typography
  • Imagery selection
  • Themes and Color¬†Palettes
  • Content

Sketch: “The Idea”

Once the idea has been formed, sketches can help with rapid development, including the beginning phase of text, images, content and layouts.


Bringing the sketch to real life.


Color, Texture, Patterns


  • Rule of thirds
  • Golden ratio
  • Circular
  • Z-Pattern
  • Grids


Revisions: Draft to Finish


Preparation of design files as agreed upon.
Examples include multiple format files – pdf, jpg, png.
Files for web and print.


Available for ongoing support as needed.