Social Media Highlights

Most of my posts aren’t public, but add me as a friend (social media links below), and see what I’m up to.



For now, here are a few of my social media highlights.


Boxing Coach Derek Hinkey at Cobra Kai, along with
my close sparring partners and fellow flyweights competitors


When I won my amateur MMA debut

When my transformation began
(left my suit & tie, left Long Beach, moved to Vegas, and put on the gloves)…

Jiu Jitsu & MMA

Throwback to my MMA debut…

We Work Hard Together,
We Play Hard Together (My CKJJ Fam)

Jiu Jitsu Wins Last Year


DJing at Higher In Life Launch Party

Promotions for Higher In Life Launch Party

Playing the drums…

DJing on the Las Vegas Strip for NYE


Traveling to Argentina & Brazil with my family!

2.5 months in Thailand & Philippines

UNLV Teacher

When I was hired to become a web
design teacher at UNLV

Teaching WordPress Web Design at UNLV

Presentation slides for Intro to Content Management course at UNLV


My first camera


Ninja Animation

Bruce Lee

Ice Cube

James Brown